Thursday, November 15, 2012

Measuring Cloud Services

Cloud-based services may be a darn sight cheaper than on-premise alternatives, but over time, costs can escalate.

Cloudability, the startup with a service to monitor the costs of your company’s cloud-based infrastructure, has launched its analytics tool. This enables anyone within the organization to continuously improve the way they are using cloud tools, and ensure that spending for these services does not go unmonitored.

Startups with lean budgets can sign up for free and Cloudability will pull up invoice and billing data (not estimated data, as is the industry norm) from cloud vendors like Amazon Web Services and Rackspace.

The product has been in beta for over a year and is used by 4,000 customers, ranging from tiny startups to larger businesses. Cloudability offers a free service, but enterprises will need to fork over in excess of $50 per month to manage multiple cloud accounts. It has come as a surprise to the founders that the enterprise service is growing fastest; corporate finances desperately need to be kept in check. For more details see here 


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