Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Chines Girl Teaches Cloud Computing to Her Father

For Xu Di, a 25-year-old Beijing resident, teaching her father, 57, how to use the computer was always a difficult job.
"When I told my father how to copy and paste on the computer, he copied on his office computer and tried to paste on his home computer. When he found nothing was pasted, he blamed me for failing to teach him clearly," Xu said. However, cloud computing made a big difference to Xu's life, and her father's.Cloud computing is using computing resources, either hardware or software, that stores and delivers data as a service over the Internet.

With a Chinese cloud client-side application such as Evernote or Jinshan Kuaipan, copying from your office computer and pasting when you get home is possible.
"Photos, videos, contacts what you need to do is just register an account, and you can open anything you need, anytime, on any of your computers and your phones," Xu said.
However, Xu is just one of the Chinese computer users who take advantage of the new technology that has incrceasingly found its way into people's lives. Here the complete story 

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