Sunday, August 12, 2012

Google Venture: Building the search engine of the future, one baby step at a time

Google Search is already pretty impressive on its own and this can be gauged by performance metrics and market share. The company is working to make search an all encompassing product which can be your window to all the information. The Google search until the launch of Knowledge graph was intelligent but not intelligent enough to make sense of all the keywords you threw at it. Knowledge graph attempts to change that. Google is building a system which understands words and their context for everyday scenarios. This is basically a very intelligent system and a big step ahead in machine learning. more here

Larry Page once described the perfect search engine as understanding exactly what you mean and giving you back exactly what you want. It’s very much like the computer I dreamt about as a child growing up in India, glued to our black-and-white TV for every episode of Star Trek. I imagined a future where a starship computer would be able to answer any question I might ask, instantly. Today, we’re closer to that dream than I ever thought possible during my working life—and here are some of the latest steps we’re taking today to make search even more intelligent:

1. Understanding the world
In May  Google  launched the Knowledge Graph, our database of more than 500 million real-world people, places and things with 3.5 billion attributes and connections among them. The feedback has been phenomenally positive and we want to extend this feature to people outside the U.S. So starting today, you’ll see Knowledge Graph results across every English-speaking country in the world. If you’re in Australia and search for [chiefs], you’ll get the rugby team—its players, results and history.  More on here

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