Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Public Cloud : Slowly but surely Growing

Unlike the private Cloud where adoption is picking up, particularly in the large enterprise segment, the public Cloud is yet to take off in a big way in the country although SaaS-based offerings have proved popular with small manufacturers. By Heena Jhingan

Despite the capability to deliver higher RoI and faster time to market, the multi-tenanted character of a public Cloud has led to it being perceived as a setup that is vulnerable to breaches. Then there's the fact that the IT heads of most Indian enterprises, particularly the larger entities, are worried about losing control of the IT apparatus. There are exceptions to this rule, obviously, particularly with small scale manufacturers who have gone in for public Cloud-based CRM and SFA as well as organizations that have adopted the Cloud—Microsoft's and Google's—for messaging. Here is complete story from Express Computers

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