Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Taxonomic Approach to Cloud Computing

In less than 5 years since the term cloud computing was introduced (Cloud Computing: Looking back and Looking Forward) , it has grown into one of the most discussed, debated and more importantly widely deployed technologies of our times. Enterprises such as Google, Facebook and cause driven initiatives such as Wikipedia are but living illustrations of cloud computing at work. In fact cloud computing has assumed a state of phenomena and affecting and benefiting more and more people, processes, businesses , government and more. Cloud computing is the most dynamic and powerful agent in today's social, political and business spheres.(see more here)

What is there for me in cloud computing? Here is the answer 
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The promise of Cloud computing

It is not hype that cloud computing has attracted attention of such as wide and diverse audiences for no or small reason. As one  researcher has put " It is result of cloud computing's  huge potential for substantiating other technological advances while presenting a superior utilitarian advantage over the currently under-utilized resources deployed at data centers.". In other words, cloud computing is helping us to be more productive with our already invested resources and more innovative with newer investments. 

The domain of cloud computing is growing leaps and bounds. The different communities interested in, associated with and working on cloud computing - academic, business, practitioners and research community are evolving new approaches, coining new terms and combining  existing and emerging  principles and practices in novel and newer ways. A comprehensive understanding of Cloud computing domain demands a common terminology across all these working groups. Hence a taxonomic approach to cloud computing is not only desired but also demanded.

Taxonomy is the science which deals with the study of identifying, grouping, and naming organisms according to their established natural relationship. Applied to cloud computing - A taxonomic approach cloud computing will help students, faculty , business and other communities towards common understanding of the domain and help them converse in meaningful and productive manner. Research scholars and industry leaders have already published a number of approaches towards cloud computing taxonomy. I will be trying to use the as the basis of developing a comprehensive approach in understanding and communicating knowledge, practice and news of cloud computing world to both insiders and outsiders; beginners and veterans. Some of the taxonomic approaches that I have come across include Towards a Unified ontology of cloud Computing - a paper by Lamia Youseff from University of California and Maria Butrico of IBM TJ Watson Research Center. The paper presents a summary of authors assimilation of cloud computing with a classification of its components, and their relationships as well as their dependencies on some other earlier concepts. A Taxonomy and Survey of cloud Computing - by Bhaskar Prasad , Eunmi Choi and Ian Lamb - develops a comprehensive taxonomy for describing cloud computing architecture and uses it to survey several existing cloud computing services.

My approach towards organizing and communicating cloud computing.

Cloud computing Meaning

Cloud computing is service delivery model. It uses the internet as the basis for producing and providing  services. The internet is the common point for producer and consumer to meet for delivering and consuming services. The service delivered could an application, information and more. 

Cloud computing Definitions

Cloud computing Layers

Cloud computing service models
Cloud computing issues
Cloud computing research 


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