Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don’t; confine u r students into u r learning for they were born in another time

"Don’t; confine u r students into u r learning for they were born in another time" asserts a old  saying. I quoted this in my engineering class and asked my students to identify their “another time” for which they were born into. In other words I asked them to describe the kind of world they are living in now and expected to have during their life time.  Times have changed from agrarian to industrial to information times now.  Information Times is one in which every activity we do is some way related to information. A small discussion helped us to identify activity generally undertaken by students: They Google to search information, they blog to publish information, they comment ( add info) and  they  ‘inform “ their status. At that point of time, I provided a small description of the information world we r living in
Today networks have created “an editable information space in which everything is connected to every thing else “ .


The another time in which my students are expected “live and experience “ is described above. Preparing them would be making them participate in this information space by publishing, commenting and linking. The publishing provides them a means to share ; commenting makes them to analyze critically and linking makes them to get connected to wider world and be part of a community to which they belong to. Hence an evaluation component of the course requires each student to create a blog, publish and visit another ( see picture above)  students blog and comment and connect with blogs of a minimum no of blogs of their class mates  

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