Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meeting My College Teacher: Update of 20 years

Last few days I spent attending my ailing mother who was admitted to a hospital in Mysore. One morning while I was on my way to hospital, I saw one saw a person moving slowly. I could faintly remember that face and while I came close to him, I said " Sir are u BMK?" Yes he said. BMK was my chemistry teacher while I doing my graduation in Sarada Vilas College, in Mysore during 82-85. Next few minutes he spent updating me about college, our old teachers and his colleagues. He said Prof. Janardhan Rao is now almost blind and is in Warrangal, with his daughter. Our mathematics teacher Prof Nagaraj Rao and another professor Narendra he said were no more. Prof. Nagarathna, Physics professor has moved to US after one of her son met with an accident. Later I visited college web site and noted that , Prof. Ashok Kumar is current principal and Prof. Nataraj is the vice principal. They taught us Botany and Kannada respectively. Those few minutes with BMK took me to two decades old memories.

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