Friday, December 20, 2013

# 5- Cloud Computing is a New World Order- Needs New Mind Set

Although cloud computing is built on a range of concepts and technologies developed over the last few decades - the way cloud computing combines them has produced a new synergy. The resulting IT  new world order is very different the one we used to. Many cherished principles and practices are no more valid and often may be harmful if continued. 

In the days before the advent of cloud computing - owning computers was an essential first step towards having computing power. Hence ownership was an indispensable ingredient traditional computing. Individuals buy computers, organizations set up computer centers and so on. 

Cloud computing has changed it all and for ever. Today accessing computing is more easy and important than owning computers. With its promise of on-demand, scalable, broadband access features  cloud computing makes computing available to all who wish to have anywhere and anytime in the world. Gone are the days where you have to sit in the office and use your desktop or carry your laptop to the venue of your presentation. All you need is the access to to the cloud - your data and documents move with you like your shadow. This has profound implications
  • For individuals, it means they don't have to focus on buying hardware, installing software, carrying machines, upgrading often. Instead the need to focus on accessing computing and harnessing it for their work and performance
  • For IT Managers- it means that they should recognize that their focus is infrastructure management  and not asset management. Infrastructure management stresses on providing required resources from  wherever they are- cloud providers  whereas asset management would mean trying to acquire computing components before allowing people to use them  
In summary cloud computing demands a new mind set where ownership is not a necessary condition but access to computing is free and open 

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