Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cloud Computing Case Study

The following cloud case study reviews how BCG Systems delivered a comprehensive cloud-based solution to one of their clients by collaborating with Awesome Cloud.

Business Needs

In addition to the Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade, BCG’s client had a few other areas of concern. As a small company, BCG’s client was without an on-site IT team. The client’s Controller had an IT background and was charged with assisting the client with IT issues as needed. Additionally, the client’s CEO worked off-site and traveled frequently, so remote access to data and financial information from any place that had an Internet connection was crucial. Moreover, the client’s disaster recovery consisted of a tape backup, which relied on employees remembering to manually switch out tapes and then store them off-site. BCG’s client needed to find a better way. For complete information and to read original post see here


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