Monday, April 1, 2013

Cloud Service: Metal as a Service ( MaaS)

Metal-as-a-Service, or MAAS, is a provisioning construct created by Canonical, developers of the Ubuntu Linux-based operating system. MAAS is designed to help facilitate and automate the deployment and dynamic provisioning ofhyperscale computing environments such as big data workloads and cloudservices.

MAAS serves as a layer underneath Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and works with Juju to coordinate applications and workloads, deploying hardware and services that can dynamically scale up and down. Metal-as-a-Service is currently featured in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and is summarized by Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth as a provisioning tool for bringing "cloud semantics to the bare metal world."
According to an article in Readwrite MaaS - the dynamic provisioning and deployment of whole physical servers, as opposed to the provisioning of virtual machines - is a drastically underrated cloud service. MaaS services will finally open the floodgates to allow any application to be run in the cloud – any application with any service level. That means multi-tiered apps with a backend Oracle database, home grown, performance-intensive applications, low latency trading applications, etc.
It’s been hard for people to pay attention to MaaS, mostly because server virtualization has been “the shiny new toy” over the past few years and frankly MaaS is not an easy thing to provide. But that may change once IT administrators see the speed, scalability, agility and simplicity with which they can deploy and protect their underlying server infrastructure.


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