Sunday, March 31, 2013

What to really expect from the Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing has become a huge resource and has a potential to change the way we are working, living, enterprising and more. However, it is  "solution is the making" or " "work in progress"  and as it stands now, the cloud has range of promises but also a share of less than "perfect" features says Peter Wayner in a post. 

According to him there are a dozen of hard truths about cloud computing that everyone associated must take cognizance of. some of them include (1) machine performance is not uniform, (2) plenty of choices, (3) Hours turn into eternity, (4) software services are hard to price , (5) Totally integrated solutions are scary , (6) security is still a mystery , (7) calculating cost is no easy algorithm, (8) Moving data is not easy, (9) guarantees are limited, (10) Applicable law is anybody's guess, (11) the extras may cost and (12) backup guarantee is not full. For complete description of these truths and practical implications see here

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