Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How Cloud Computing is Affecting Authors

According to this, The advent of the Cloud is a verifiable game-changer when it comes to literary workings. As opposed to the pre-Cloud era, writers had mostly always needed to rely on publishers to get their works printed, sold and achieve success. The Cloud allows authors to bypass publishers, as it offers copious amounts of free space to which their writings can be published. The Cloud does seem to be changing the writing game as we know it. The question now is: what is the role that the Cloud now plays in Publishing?

A free platform

Thanks to the Cloud, various forms of media are beginning to find their way on to the web. Whether it is music, videos, articles and even books, the Cloud offers a platform where these pieces of media are able to be posted and presented with nothing more than clicks of a button.
As opposed to doing business with publishers and their companies, some authors may find solace in the freedom that the Cloud offers. First off, there is no need to invest one’s own money in working with these publishers, as the Cloud is a free platform. As such, authors and writers are able to publish their works themselves. These works will always have a place in the multitudes of spaces in the Cloud. For cloud computing implications on authors, please read here 


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