Friday, February 1, 2013

Cloud Benefits Illustrated: Scalability- Case of NetFlix

Cloud Computing offers a set of benefits for users and one of them is dynamic scalability. This post explains what is scalability , its benefit to business with an illustration. IT scalability is identified as by many major benefit of cloud computing application. But the real benefit is more than mere computing resource scalability - in a way it  enables an enterprise to effortlessly scale its business operations as well. By allowing for rapid provisioning of computing resources without scale limitations, cloud enables business organization to benefit from economies of scale without procuring large volumes of its own.  Here is an example of scalability in action in real-life business scenario

                                                         Image Source
          NetFlix is an Internet subscription-based service for movies and TV shows. Since it streams many movies and shows on demand, the company faces large surges of capacity at peak times. As it began to outgrow its data center capabilities, the company made a decision to migrate its web site and streaming service from a traditional data center implementation to a cloud based environment. This move resulted in allowing company to grow and expand its customer base without having to build and maintain a data center footprint to meet its growing computing resources requirements.


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