Thursday, December 27, 2012

How Cloud computing helps in linking learner’s life at school to their life outside the school?

Practical Education
Educators all over the world recommend that learner’s life at school must be linked to their life outside the school. In case of professional courses such as engineering or management, the outside life would invariably mean their professional, industrial or entrepreneurial or civilian life.

Cloud computing and social media turn out to be a very resourceful in linking learner in the school to the “life outside the school”.  Here are some possible scenarios.
  • At first level, simple steps such as having account in social media sites and using resources such as Wikipedia provide an initial experience of the environment where most of  institutions and companies participating in various activities to different degrees. For example a Facebook Page of a university where learner is planning her higher education or a marketing campaign of a well known company.
  • At second level- cloud tools and using them helps learners to increase their productivity, participation and visibility in the connected world.    It also make them “ready to use” resource in the industry. For instance practical knowledge of features such as collaboration, posting on blogs, creating and becoming member of online groups and more.
  • At the third level, industry-strength systems such as GAE or AWS help student to develop projects and master many features and make them “ready to deploy” workforce.
  • At fourth level, a general awareness of cloud computing phenomenon and how institutions such a governments are embracing it, makes learner to prepare well for civilian life where her interaction with such organization may happen at cloud interface such as Adhaar initiative.


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