Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Three Reasons why Cloud Computing to be used in education?

We live in a world where demands are increasing and supplies are shrinking. Secondly even the available resources are not always optimally used.  In many institutions, there is a too much demand for classroom/labs on particular time of the day or in a particular semester and less or no demand on the other times or semesters. In my own college, I have seen no class room is being occupied during the afternoon or no session is held in a lab for entire semester.  With the idea of on-demand provision of resources, cloud computing can over come these challenges and thus help institution optimize their resources. 

  • Optimal use of resources: In a world that is filled with problems that revolve around classrooms being too small for the number of students belonging to a particular class, use of cloud computing as means to educate them formally is definitely welcome. Not only do the lecturers not have to worry about cramming students into a small class but with the help of this technology, they can focus their attention on creating content that will ultimately help develop their students’ skills and knowledge. Moreover, this technology also allows teachers to minimize their workload by using distributed work management systems, which will definitely improve efficiency.
  • Improves collaboration amongst students: Cloud computing encourages students to work together as a team. Assignments can be completed in the virtual world by working together, which is both fun and efficient. Moreover, for shy students who do not welcome discussion groups and open forums, this technology allows them a certain amount of shelter whilst allowing them to work as a team and grow. Ascertaining progress of students is also done easily with the help of cloud computing techniques.
  • Easy access to knowledge and better sharing: Cloud computing also helps make available the necessary tools and materials that are required for learning at all times. Moreover, students can access this material from anywhere in the world, and at their convenience, which makes knowledge sharing truly global.

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