Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Literacy Ladder: 3R's to Cloud Computing Literacy

The success or even survival in any society depends on acquiring certain skills-set.  In the early days of human society those skills were simple and almost learnt by observation. with the advent of technologies and their gradual inroad into society and its institutions- a new range of skills emerge. For example with the invention of printing press- a new set of skills become necessary- Reading, Writing and Arithmetic- popularly known as 3R's. Such survival skills are also called Literacy skills or simply Literacy 

For long print remained a sole media and 3R's remained the standard Literacy. With the arrival multimedia - citizens are required to acquire what is known as Media Literacy

Similarly  with the advent of computer and hence information society- Information skills become Vogue.  

Latest to add in this list is Cloud Computing Literacy- ability to discover and use widely accessible cloud resources for personal and professional productivity 


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