Thursday, September 20, 2012

Middle school using cloud computing for down-to-earth education

Cloud Computing Serves Schools Too  Courtesy 
Jessica Macias missed a day of school recently due to illness but she didn't miss her social studies class. Macias, a Hobart Middle School eighth-grader, was able to log into class from home using Google Apps, an online document system that allows people to use it just by logging on, much like the Web-based email services Hotmail and Gmail.

Called cloud computing, data is stored on servers at a remote location rather than in their laptops. It's also interactive, allowing teachers to post homework assignments and other information online for students.
The School City of Hobart is using the latest technology, with each student using a computer in the classroom and classrooms using social media like Facebook and Twitter. Several elementary and secondary teachers in the school district are using Google Apps and social media in their classrooms. For complete story read here 


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