Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beligian startup ComodIT-unveils tool to manage your Clouds

ComodIT, a tiny startup out of Liege, Belgium, has big plans to help you manage your IT infrastructure in the cloud. The company’s new Synapse Agent, a step towards that goal, lets you manage multiple hosts or instances from a single command-line interface.
The company describes Synapse as a “universal API for remote system administration” that lets users — the target audience is devops pros — manage multiple cloud instances or hosts from a single command line interface using a REST API.
“It brings together the features of configuration management and orchestration in a lightweight framework,” said ComodIT CEO Daniel Bartz. The code– written in Python and using the advanced message queueing protocol (AMQP) for messaging–was posted to Github Tuesday so people can kick the tires. More info is here

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