Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Solutions for : 5 Hidden Dangers of Cloud Computing

Here an interesting reply by Fred Luchetti  based on practical experience for my post : 5 Hidden Dangers of Cloud Computing

I would like to address those 5 issues and reveal how Jumpto has dealt with them:

1) the cost of being forced off the cloud due to a regulatory change such as stricter data privacy laws
The cloud structures that we have created are within our servers. They are there to mitigate the laws restricting exportation of high security protocols to some countries. The tether to the cloud is a hybrid of SSL and openly exportable and usable. Should any country erect a law that would compromise our proprietary security protocols then we would dumb down the servers in that specific country and alert our user community. Nobody would be forced off their cloud when using Jumpto.

2) the cost of implementing and operating countermeasures to mitigate risk

When our system will be fully operational the risk management issues will be controlled within the system. Redundancies will be built in by design. The effect to the end user will not be noticeable but by design, Jumpto's system will reduce a users risk to zero, no need to spend extra dollars on countermeasures.

3) unexpected expenses involved in initial migration of systems

There are always costs associated with moving to any system. At Jumpto, there are no hardware or software systems to purchase or install or configure. Jumpto does all the work for you. The only cost that a customer site would probably see is the retraining of their staff to the new security protocols.

4) loss of internal IT knowledge

Okay, this is going to be an unpopular response. What loss? IT people are a pretty smart crowd and they can wrap their brains around any new technology and explain it to everyone else. WIth Jumpto there is nothing new to learn. All the work is done behind the scenes. We created Jumpto to be so easy to configure and use that a child could do it. I would say that with Jumpto on your side the need for a dedicated security person may not be there any more. (that was the unpopular part)

5) lock-in with a specific cloud provider or proprietary service model, which may slow down future adoption of open standards-based services.

The beauty of Jumpto is that the initial investment is nil. The configuration of the installation is nil and the operation of the system will cost a small amount in training and ongoing bandwidth consumption. Moving to another provider will be a simple operation as well. Back up existing files in the cloud to your local machine and send us an email asking for deletion of your account and files. We do all the work. Jumpto was created to be SIMPLE. Simple yet the most powerful security cloud that money can't buy. Even though we would hate to see you go, we understand the concept that "the grass is always greener on the other side" and we would always welcome you back with open arms anyway. 


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