Friday, August 10, 2012

Consumer Cloud Computing: The New Battleground

Despite all the hype in the last few months around consumer “Cloud Computing” services, blueocean’s new study has found that consumer awareness and understanding of “Cloud Computing” is still at a very `nascent stage. This combined with concerns around security and privacy stand in the way of the projected boom in “Cloud Computing” services.

blueocean, a services organization with a deep focus on market intelligence, social media and data analytics, has revealed interesting insights relating to consumer’s understanding of cloud computing, this according to a new study conducted in India, The United Stated of America and Germany.

While there is a lot of literature available on the overall “Cloud Computing” space, very limited research and data is available on the “Consumer Cloud” space. There are a range of questions on Consumer Cloud related to awareness, perception, usage and monetization opportunities, for which the stakeholders are looking for answers. It is to answer these questions that blueocean market intelligence has launched the consumer cloud tracking program. The results of the first wave of this half yearly study, is being published now. blueocean’s unique 3600 approach to market intelligence is applied to this tracker program. This included online primary research amongst consumers (900 + interviews across USA, Germany and India), in-depth interviews of cloud vendors by our analysts, continuous market and vendor tracking, and social media analysis. Interviews were conducted during the period of March to April 2012. Here is a detailed info


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