Friday, July 27, 2012

Networked Society is a new social order and demands new standards of social engagement

This is part of my professional mission "making my students web-savvy" 

Networks represent a new world order. As indicated else where my professional mission is "making my students web-savvy"- meaning preparing them for successful and thoughtful self-conducting on cyberspace which will be home of profession and more. 

To be successful or even to survive on the network we must cultivate certain ways of conducting ourselves.  we must remember that We are human, so netiquette is human. The human condition is positive, caring, and thoughtful. People are good. Positive comments and heart warming stories are part of the human condition. Knowing how to criticize someone in cyberspace without hurting their feelings shows you care. Helping others on the internet is thoughtful. The rules of netiquette come from the human condition because internet users are humans. The Rules of Netiquette are the common conventions of internet communication. Proper internet etiquette requires the highest ethical standards. Here is one such source 

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