Sunday, October 31, 2010

Teaching in Linked environment: Challenges

The linked environment or WWW is a new territory for teachers. But most noticeable feature about WWW is that it one of the most useful teaching (also learning) resource. The always available resources- information and tools, their variety and volume makes the web a welcome addition to teacher’s repertoire. However for teachers used to captive resource such as college library and physical books, this poses new learning challenge. It also threatens their traditional enjoyed control over resources as these web resources are equally accessible to their students. So two immediate challenges are
  • How do you make an in-classroom teaching session live and interesting while multi-media learning resources on the web are becoming easily available? The variety of and volume is so that they might be able to meet specific needs of each and every student.
  • How do you scale up from teaching 60 or so inmates in a bounded classroom at a given hour of day to online, anonymous and often strange learners with differing learning needs.

This challenge is called Teaching in Linked Environment

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