Saturday, February 27, 2010

Toward Web-based Endevours

Plentiful resources available on the web have created a new experimental and entrepreneurial opportunity: creating of web-based endeavors. A web-based Endeavour can be entrepreneurial or educational in nature. A Web-based endeavor is any project that harnesses a web-based resource in creating an end-user value or utility. For instance

  • A custom search engine (CSE) eliminates for the end user the drudgery of going through a flood of general search engine outputs by conducting search action within a mentioned list of one or more web sites or resources. Here is an example of CSE that helps students to search for seminar topics.
  • Search API enables a programmer to select a portion of search engine index and customize its output on a give web page or end-user screen. Here is an example or (example) in which search API is used to screen and filter a particular category of documents to be listed for the end user.
  • Web API from different service provider can be combined in innovative manner to creative innovative values for intended user. Here is an example in which APIs from a social networking site Facebook and web service provider Google Maps are used to create an AlumniMaps. These maps help administrators such as principal and HOD’s to regularly know about the whereabouts of their alumni

The above examples are simple and straightforward and are used to create unitary end-user value. However innovative combination of web-based resources can make it possible to create industry-strength value proposition and enterprises based on them. Here is an example. and Indian example


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