Saturday, October 24, 2009

Freshest Thoughts, Fastest Way

Humans have some advantages. Through our language use, humans are able to bind time i.e, human beings of one generation have been able to communicate with human beings of other generations. In other words, one generation can learn from the records of knowledge and experience. The inventions in the past such as printing machines have only amplified this process. But learning that books and sharing of experience that records facilitated was of different nature. When you read a book, however recent it is, you are consulting with the "past". past fact, past thought etc
However, the web or the Internet has transformed this bind time into new world of possibilities. With web features such as chat, email, blog etc, you can get connected to and consult with active mind in the "present". This in a sense makes it available to all a kind of " world brain" that they can access in real time.
So what web has done to us is share " Freshest Thoughts, fastest way"

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