Friday, September 4, 2009

Walling Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a well known destination for information seekers on the web. In fact it is one of the 10 top most popular web sites on the web. Founded about 8 years ago, it is built using a simple concept of crowd sourcing where in anyone connected to the net and has something to say can contribute to wikipedia's growing repository. No wonder as online population grew, contributuions grew in number and now wikipedia has more content than traditionally popular encyclopedia such as Britanica and has fast replacing it as a first choice destination for information seekers.
However, allowing anyone or everyone to contribute had led sometimes to situations where in quality of content contributed was shrouded in clouds. As wikipedia is gaining respect as a reliable resource, there is a need to transform its approach of content collection from embrace-the-chaos culture into something more mature and dependable. In other words, wikipedia needs to become a judiciously edited content from current edit-free content publisher.
Wikipedia foundation realises that it has become a "part of modern day infrastrtcture of how people get information" and intends to put the system into effect where in content contributed is subjected to editorial review before it goes public. In other words, Wikipedia is getting walled.

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