Friday, September 18, 2009

Balancing of Both Worlds: Kim Clijster Way

Now a days, there is lot of talks, debates and discussions on how "demanding" professions are becoming. We are told unless one balances his or her professional life with personal life in intelligent ways, it may lead to chaotic situations and invite health and associated challenges. One set of opinions says that it is impossible to have best of both worlds at all. This is more so in case of a woman professionals. Well, that view looks shattered by at least one recent example of Kim Clijsters.
Kim Clijsters, the winner of 2009 US Open seems to have found right balance to enjoy to the fullest extent the best of both worlds: Professional tennis career and fulfilling family life. After winning 2005 US open, she opted out of professional circuit to devote herself for setting up her family. Two year later, after giving birth to kid, she came out of retirement and went on to win the US 2009 women cup.

So the lesson is: The question for a professional is not which of the two worlds to choose, but choosing best from both worlds.


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