Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inventing New: nature may not offer Good Example

Invention is a welcome activity and creative process. The reason for invention is usually necessity and the result of invention may be anything from a simple solution to altogether paradigm shift in very process of business or life. Invention being a creative process needs motivation, inspiration and even examples. One of the best source of inspiration would be surrounding environment including nature. But some times even nature might not have found a most effective manner of doing things: that is not invented best way.

For instance, when man wanted to fly in the skies, the immediate inspiration came from birds. Early inventors tried to imitate birds, and their wings in building flying objects - i.e aeroplanes. To design new planes, the European inventor Da Vinci tried to have planes with feathers that flapped up and down. But later experiments found limitations of such wings and redesigned the wings that have no similarity with birds feather. The lesson during invention process is to learn from nature but go beyond

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