Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome to the Age of Texpression

We are living in an age where technologies have invaded in all walks of our life. Technology is assuming a status of a language. When humans invented or discovered language, they found a means of expression in it. Once alphabets were determined and words were formed, ability to produce expressions using those words became the differentiator between people and society, Poets or authors are known for their command over language and hence their expression ability.

Today in our technology-enabled and technology-embedded world, we must coin a new term to denote the ability of individual to use tools or technologies to express. My choice is Texpression. Technology today has a potential and is doing today what language did once for human society. It is providing a means to capture one's thought and express it for rest of the world. Texpressions are human expressions enabled by underlying traditional language and wrapped in technology or tools. Blog is an example for Texpression.

Power of language to express and power of printed word to spread expression created a new species of people called authors May be now time has come to Texpress :Using tools to enhance human expressions and reach wider audiences.


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